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Bukshah is in need of more information! Bukshah is lacking a complete history with all appearances from Rowan of Rin, Rowan and the Travellers, Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal, Rowan and the Zebak and Rowan of the Bukshah. Write about the bukshah's habitat and their behaviour, like the annual trip to Mountain Heart during winter to feed on the grey fungus from the ice creepers.

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General information

Bukshah fields in Rin


Grass and the grey fungus of the ice creepers




Warm wool clothes, milk, producing foods with bukshah milk


Grey shaggy wool, small eyes and big horns

Chronological information
First appearance

Rowan of Rin

Last appearance

Rowan of the Bukshah

Bukshah are a species of domesticated animals that dwell in the village of Rin on the island of Maris.
Bukshah wool blankets

Blankets made from Bukshah wool.


Habitat Edit

Bukshah live in the Bukshah fields in the village of Rin on the island of Maris

Anatomy Edit

Bukshah are large, four-legged animals, typically with shaggy grey fur, though they have known to breed black-haired young. Bukshah have tiny eyes and big horns


Bukshah are exclusively herbivorous mammals. They like to graze on grass and hay. They also feed on the grey fungus found in ice creeper nests, such as the one in Mountain Heart.

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