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Cliffs and rocks near Shadowgate





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Secrets of Deltora (only appearance)

The Bubbler is a small, pale creature that inhabits dark, damp areas of the Barrier Mountains.[1]


Secrets of DeltoraEdit

Doran encountered a colony of Bubblers in the rock walls of the pass leading into Shadowgate and listed them among the dangers found around the town.[1]


Bubblers inhabit the dark damp areas located around the Barrier Mountains. They are commonly found around the town of Shadowgate.[1]


Bubblers are pale, toothless boneless creatures which resemble large sea cucumbers. Although they have weak eyesight, Bubblers have a strong sense of smell and can sense warm, living flesh easily.[1]


Bubblers live in large colonies deep within cliffs and rocks. When they sense living flesh nearby, they will begin to exude a think frothing white slime. This slime greases rock and allows Bubblers to squeeze out of the narrowest cracks and holes to attack their prey.

Generally attacking in large number, Bubblers will swarm over the victim's head, killing by suffocation. After the victim has been immobilised, more slime is produced, eventually dissolving their prey's flesh and allowing it to be absorbed easily.[1]

Diet Edit

Bubblers are carnivorous and eats the flesh of their victims.[1]


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