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Bird Bane
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Diamond territory coast


Birds, Humans



Chronological information
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Secrets of Deltora

Bird Banes are eel-like creatures found in Diamond territory coast.[1]


Secrets of DeltoraEdit

Doran observed Bird Banes in his travels around Deltora and recorded them in his book Secrets of Deltora.[1]


Bird Banes are ambush predators. They hide under water and strike out to attack anything that moves overhead.[1]


Bird Banes are transparent, eel-like serpents that are about as thin as an arrow and are as long as a man's arm when they reach maturity.[1]


Bird Banes dwell  by the shore of Diamond Territory.[1]


Bird Banes are carnivorous creatures that mainly eat birds, but will attempt to eat anything on or above the ocean surface.[1]

References Edit

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