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Isle of the Dead

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The Sister of the South

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Ava's shop sign.

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A sign outside Ava's shop.

Ava is a blind shopkeeper and Tom's and Laughing Jack's sister.[1]


Ava grew up alongside her brothers Tom and Jack in the Plains territory. The three of them shared a mental connection that allowed them to know what the others were doing, even from miles away. On her own, Ava showed the ability to tell fortunes. When they came of age, Ava set off for The Finger, a peninsula on Deltora's western coast, to set up a shop. Her symbol is the eye.

Isle of the Dead Edit

Knowing that Lief, Barda, and Jasmine had a run in with his brother, and guessing their next movements accordingly, Tom send them a letter informing them of Ava, along with a bag of Pepperment Fancies. Before the companions reached her, however, Laughing Jack abducted Ava and took her place. He tried to send the companions to their deaths on Blood Lily Island, but they survived to destroy the Sister of the West. When Jack kidnapped Jasmine, he revealed Ava and told Lief to place the Belt of Deltora on her, so that he may dispose of them both. Lief refuses, and Ava warned her brother of dead hands coming for him in his future. This came to pass, as Jasmine caused Jack to break the vow he swore to his undead crew, binding Jack to the oars of his ship, The Lady Luck.[1]

The Sister of the South Edit

Ava warns Lief of a 'creeping darkness' she sees in his future, and warns him to abandon his quest. This prophecy also comes true in the form of the two headed monster summoned by Paff. She later took a holiday to attend Lief and Jasmine's wedding.[2]

Physical appearanceEdit

Ava's smile is identical to the smile of both her brothers.


Ava, like her brother, is a person of business. Her sign can be read from any direction, much like Tom's, and she also gives a free gift to those who ask. Ava also uses her powers to warn others of what she sees in their near future.



James Gant


Deltora QuestEdit

Deltora Quest 1Edit


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