Isle of Auron
General information

Dome-dweller colony (formerly)


Auris (formerly)

Physical information

Opal sea

Head of state



Auris (formerly)

Chronological information
First appearance

Cavern of The Fear (mentioned)
The Isle of Illusion (actual appearance)

Last appearance

The Shadowlands (mentioned)

Location on map
map of the Underground sea

The Isle of Auron is an island in the opal sea. It was settled by Aurons after escaping Pirra.


After Pirra was consumed by the Shadow Lord, the Pirran people used their magic to will the earth to swallow them so they could survive. Those who followed the piper Auron the Fair inhabited the island between the two others and developed into present day Aurons over many generations.

Like the other two Pirran tribes, the Plumes and the Kerons, the Aurons used their magic to light up the caverns around their island so they could see. However, many Aurons came to despise their new home and instead used their magic to create an illusion of Pirra so they could live in the past. When the other members of the tribe spoke out against them, they were stripped of their magic, the stem of the Pirran Pipe, and banished from the island of Auron, which was sealed off by a magical dome.

The Isle of Illusion Edit



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