Apple trees are a common fruit-growing tree found in Deltora.

History Edit

The Forests of Silence Edit

When the Shadow Lord took over Deltora, one of its rules was that all apple trees belonged to it and its servants, preventing the local population from eating the fruit.[1]

While celebrating his sixteenth birthday, Lief and his friends discovered an apple tree in Del that had been overlooked by the Shadow Lord's Grey Guards. They feasted on the fruit in secret.[1]

The Shifting Sands Edit

Lief, Barda, and Jasmine slept in Queen Bee's orchard after crossing the Broad River. The next day they helped themselves to nine apples from the orchard, but they only managed to eat six before Queen Bee arrived and demanded their return. This experience reminded Lief of eating the apples with his friends in Del.[2]

Uses Edit

Apple trees are cultivated in orchards for their fruit. Queen Bee keeps a large orchard so she can produce Queen Bee Cider for palace guards and the Rithmere games.[2]

According to Jasmine, the trees do not like it when their fruits go uneaten and are more than happy to let others take some.[2]

References Edit

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