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Amethyst territory is a territory in the west of Deltora. It is the territory of Amethyst dragons and the Toran tribe. Amethyst territory is bordered by Emerald territory to the north, Lapis Lazuli territory to the east, and Diamond territory to the south. Because of the magic of the Toran people, Amethyst territory is the safest of Deltora's seven territories.[1]

Tribe Edit

Main article: Toran tribe

The Toran people are tall, slender people with long, straight black hair that hangs to their waists. They are intelligent, magical, and logical, but rather self-contained. Torans are known for their remarkable weaving abilities. All Torans share their thoughts and can read each other's minds.[1]

Capital Edit

Main article: Tora

The white marble city of Tora is the capital of Amethyst territory. Tora is a magical city, protected from all kinds of evil, for its magic archway drains evil or ill will from all who enter. It is an entirely self-sufficient city, for magic supplies all its needs.[1]

Gem Edit

Main article: Amethyst

The Amethyst is the symbol of truth. It grows pale near poisoned food or drink and changes colour when illness is present. The Amethyst has the ability to calm and soothe the one who bears it.[2]

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